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Analyze Requirements

Can you expand a little on the Analyze requirement?
Do we have to use charts and statistics?
Data science OR data visualization?

I'm mainly a mobile developer. Not so much data scientist. Some tips will help me know how I can contribute.

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  • Manager   •   about 5 years ago

    Hi Tom,

    Great question. Per the rules, Section 4:

    Makers must... "Create EITHER a data visualization OR a data-centric software application (an “Application”). The Application must focus on increasing high school graduation rates in the United States by driving awareness and/or surfacing insights. You must use one or more of the datasets provided on the “Resources” page at http://data4diplomas.devpost.com/details/resources (the “Required Data”)."

    In order to create the best data-centric software application that you can, we encourage you to analyze the data to whatever degree you can. Remember that your submission will be judged using the following criteria:

    (i) Predictive Capability (20%) Includes the extent to which the submission can account for variation in graduation rates.

    (ii) Actionable Insights Gathered (40%) Includes the extent to which the data driven insights can be actionable and work towards our common goal of increasing high school graduation rates.

    (iii) Data Visualization / Presentation (40%) Includes the creative appeal and potential usefulness of the data visualization(s) or the data-centric software application.


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