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almost 6 years ago

Data tools, events, and inspiration

We've had the opportunity to partner with some incredible organizations for this competition, and we can attest that the data for social good movement is very much alive and well! In addition to data initiatives, there are a number of excellent education advocacy organizations supporting our mission to use data to help students earn their high school diplomas on time.

We are inspired by the work of our partners and want to share some of what they're doing with you.

Community & inspiration 

  • BlueLabs: BlueLabs is an analytics and technology company dedicated to innovation for social good. Their projects range from helping create tools to explore healthcare data in real time to helping provide cell phones to homeless LGBTQ youth. They are committed to helping organizations make better decisions with their data, and maximizing the impact of their partners and clients.
  • New Tech Network: New Tech Network envisions a nation where every public school has the capacity to realize the full potential of each student. They partner with districts and charter schools to implement an innovative school model so that all students graduate college and career ready.


  • SlideRule: SlideRule offers online tech courses in a range of disciplines, including data science; classes teach in-demand skills and provide mentorship from industry experts. Check out their Foundations of Data Science Workshop  —  the next session starts 10/26.  
  • DataLook: DataLook is an awesome repository of open data projects you can repurpose for your own work. Join the #openimpact marathon and bring an open data project to your hometown.

Upcoming Events

  • Data Dive Berlin: Data Science for Social Good Berlin's Data Dive, organized in collaboration with Proboneo, kicks off this weekend, October 23 to 25.  Participants will contribute to real-world analytical challenges, including non-profit partner DataLook’s bike accident data visualization project to help advocate for policy changes to increase bike safety measures. (Note: the event is currently sold out, but you can watch a live stream here.)
  • Digital Learning Day: Alliance for Excellent Education’s fifth annual Digital Learning Day is coming up in February 2016. This annual event is an initiative to actively spread innovative practices and ensure that all youth have access to high-quality digital learning opportunities regardless of where they live. The event provides a powerful venue for education leaders to highlight great teaching practices and showcase innovative teachers, leaders, and instructional technology programs that are improving outcomes for students.